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Healthy New Year's Resolutions

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The holidays are here, along with their sweet temptations.


And so your old patterns emerge; since you know your New Year’s resolution will be to change your behavior, you indulge and vow to lose the extra pounds and get healthy. After the new year begins, you plan to vow away any carbohydrate that crosses your path and to get back into your new year workout routine from last year.


Here’s why this doesn’t work.

Diets deprive you of the nutrition you need, and exercise gets boring. Dieting suppresses the metabolism and results in more weight gain, not loss. When the cravings set in, you somehow end up back in the same old habits and eating traps. 


Around February, you are done with your new year's resolution all together. You might begin to think, “why should I even try if I’m going to quit?” 


Hold on. You can get healthy, live life to the fullest, and do the activities that you want to do with help. 


MaxLife Weight Loss & Body Balancing takes the guesswork out of weight loss with its non-invasive weight loss technology that pinpoints exactly what’s preventing you from losing weight. This technology also gives a report with specific formulas to help you burn fat quickly.  


Dr. Darin Upchurch, has more than 22 years of experience in helping people lose weight. He developed the unique, customized program that has helped many individuals like yourself around the Kansas City area. 


“Every program is unique to the needs of each individual,” says Upchurch. “What one person needs to achieve internal balance is as unique as they are. The average person tends to lose 15 to 35 pounds or more. There’s no exercise; no chemicals; no drugs; no urine tests; no bloodwork; no pre-packaged foods.”


“I’m proud to be one of an elite group of doctors worldwide who share my passion for innovation and improvement; we know about the exciting innovations in our field and provide them for

our patients. “I know that technology works; it moves my practice to another level. I’ve always believed that health has nothing to do with feeling good; it has everything to do with healing good.”



Cheryl Before & After


“MaxLife exceeded my expectations. I needed to lose only 20 pounds and I have lost 17.6 pounds so far. I was skeptical at first but so glad I decided to say “Yes” to me! I feel amazing, as I’ve always had stomach issues. I had blood work done yesterday for cholesterol and I can’t wait to get my results! The staff at Max life was so helpful and made me feel comfortable! Also, if you emailed with a question someone would get right back with you. Thank you, MaxLife, for having this available and again thank you so very much for what you’ve done for me!”

- Cheryl


If you are tired of being in a plateau in your health journey, schedule a consultation with MaxLife today to lose the weight for good!


Happy New Year!




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