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How to Start the New Year Right

Two mature women keeping fit by doing yoga in the summer


It’s that time of year again when many people make New Year’s Resolutions involving a promise to lose weight, work out more often, and become healthier. 


Americans sign up at new gyms in droves (with good intentions of being healthier.) There is often not a clear plan forward, a means by which to quantify success, or arbitrarily reduce specific activities such as alcohol consumption or smoking. 


New Years Resolution Statistics:


  • According to a study conducted by the University of Scranton on New Year’s resolutions, only 8% of all resolutions are successful. 
  • 55% of resolutions are health-related goals such as eating healthier, quitting smoking or starting an exercise regimen. 
  • 80% of these resolutions are failed by the second week of February. 


If more than half the population wants to be healthier and live a better, balanced life, then why does the task seem so elusive and difficult for them to achieve? 


The greatest stumbling block for most people is personal accountability— the inability to be accountable to ourselves. Did you know that the probability of completing a goal set by and for oneself is 10%  if the idea originated with that person, and up to 50% if compelled through a decision having been made. 


If there is an accountability-related appointment associated with the goal that is being set, the promise of success leaps to 95%! This is one of the most powerful benefits of choosing MaxLife Weight Loss and Body Balancing to help you with your health goals. 


At MaxLife, we step in and take on the role of accountability for you, helping you to achieve your New Year’s resolutions of losing weight, becoming healthier, and looking and feeling better. We are the place for a total health transformation. We engage each of our clients, in a personal way, and hold them accountable to the journey of health they have chosen, while being that beacon of positive change they are needing to guide them as they accomplish their specific health goals. MaxLife has changed over 7,200 lives with our exclusive, technology-based weight loss system, and our clients have collectively lost over 180,000 pounds. Let our technology help determine your next step in creating a healthy future. Book a Consultation today!


Happy New Year!




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