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A Well-Rounded Journey to Weight Loss and Body Balancing

It’s no secret that health issue statistics in this country are off the charts. Heart disease, cancer, and diabetes occur far too often in our population. While some issues are unavoidable, many of them are manageable through diet, exercise, and stress management. This is where MaxLife steps in to create a program unique to each person to achieve a balanced body and healthy lifestyle.



Is Your Body Unbalanced?

When your body is unbalanced, physical factors as well as mental factors begin to show themselves. Weight gain, low energy levels, inflammation, and depression are a few key indicators of your body being unbalanced. If these factors are left untreated, they can become chronic and lead to serious health issues. However, a change to a healthy lifestyle and dedication can help you achieve more balance. Slowly you will start seeing positive changes inside and outside of your body. 

MaxLife founder, Darin Upchurch has the tools to help you start balancing your body and get you feeling better. “At MaxLife we care about your overall health. We don’t just look at your weight when determining your body’s imbalances. Instead, we focus on the other numbers, such as fat percentage, visceral fat, metabolic age, hydration levels, and how you are functioning on a cellular level,” explains Dr. Darin. “We also look at your muscle mass, which is your internal furnace. If you have a bigger furnace, you are going to use more fuel. Yes, we want you to look better and feel better, but we are really here to get you healthy on the inside. Weight loss just happens to be a side effect of those efforts.” 



Promoting Healthy Living and Preventing Disease

Physicians that have partnered up with MaxLife have been able to give their patients benefits beyond the doctor’s office. MaxLife helps coach patients to lose weight, balance their body and increase their overall health and wellness. Currently, one-third of our healthcare system costs are spent on unnecessary medications, procedures, and office visits. The healthier people are the less they will need these doctor visits, procedures, or medications. Healthcare today is frequently more reactive than proactive or preventive in nature. Proactive healthcare is the goal that Maxlife helps physicians and their patients work toward. 



Tailoring Health Plans to Your Body

It’s easy to fall into a deep hole when researching wellness information. The internet is full of misinformation, confusion, and contradiction. Finding sources to trust and determining the right path that will lead you to wellness can be difficult. This is where MaxLife steps in as a partner in your wellness journey. We make sure that failure is not an option for anyone looking to turn their lifestyle around. 

“If you go to Vegas and put all your money on one bet that has just a 17% chance of winning, would you do it? Probably not. However, people gamble with their health every day and don’t even think about it. If someone feels good, the tendency is to think you are well. But health is not about how you feel; it is about how you are functioning on the inside,” says Dr. Darin.



Using Your Body’s Cellular Data to Achieve Balance

Our BioMetric Body Analysis Scan gathers health information about you throughout the whole process. It’s used at the beginning, middle, and end of the 30-day program. MaxLife specialists assess where your body is out of balance and recognize what changes you need to make to restore your body’s balance and establish a healthy lifestyle. Our Biometric Body Analysis Scan generates a bi-weekly report for our partnering doctors, which helps them stay updated and informed about their patients. “Once we send the reports to our partnering doctors, they can determine what medications need to be adjusted and what procedures, if any, need to be performed,” explains Dr. Darin. “Our goal is to establish a network and a program with doctors and patients alike so a high level of trust and value is ultimately established.” Many users of MaxLife have already achieved incredible results. Many people who take medication have been able to stop taking it after just a couple of weeks into the program.



Owning Your Health Goals

It can be easy to blame bad health on your disease, like diabetes, or bad genetics from family members who suffered from similar issues. However, Dr. Darin points out that up to 95% of diseases can be preventable. “People don’t have to own their disease. Sure, there may be a genetic or congenital factor at play that may make you work harder, but you don’t have to have it.” Here at MaxLife, we help you reclaim your body’s balance by guiding you towards a healthier lifestyle. Using your body’s data, we map out a plan catered to your health goals. We show you the way, guide you throughout the process, and with our support you will claim your own health by following through. “We have a passion for helping people, and working with physicians in helping their patients on their healthcare journey, which is what makes us unique. We help doctors help patients help themselves.” 


There is no “diet” fad in this program, it’s a sustainable lifestyle change. The technology we use measures and identifies imbalances within your body. Our goal is to rebalance your body, which means that each program is targeted and customized to each person.


The BioMax scan measures hundreds of biomarkers internally to determine what is interfering with your body’s ability to achieve balance. 


The scan determines critical health factors such as your,


      • Visceral Fat Level: The amount of fat around your organs. The higher this level, the fewer years you will live.
      • Metabolic Age: How efficiently your body burns calories.
      • Body Fat Percentage: The percentage of your body that is fat.
      • Hydration Levels: Your body’s hydration levels. Without proper hydration, your cells won’t function correctly and this will slow your ability to lose weight.

From this information, the scan will help us identify which foods (proteins, fruits, veggies) are causing issues for your body and allow us to rank these foods from best to worst based on your body’s biological preference. Foods at the bottom of the list could be creating inflammation throughout your body. The system eliminates the guesswork that is typical of a lot of other programs and diets. 


The scan will also help us determine what all-natural, liquid-based supplements you need. All of the supplements we recommend are:


      • Plant-Based
      • All Natural
      • Non GMO 
      • Gluten-Free
      • Contain Zero Stimulants 
      • Contain Zero Amphetamines

“When patients notice extremely fast, positive changes to their health and weight, this gives them the motivation and hope to stick with it, and from there, the sky's the limit,” says Dr. Darin. MaxLife creates a unique path for physicians to partner with their patients in a way that greatly improves their overall health while avoiding unnecessary practices. Take the first step in your journey to a healthy lifestyle by scheduling your Health Coaching Session today.


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