Finally, get an accurate report of your measurements, weight, and even posture.

You’ll get a full 360° image, 3D view, hundreds of measurements, and total body weight sent straight to your phone from a 35 second scan.
How It Works.

Get an Accurate Baseline for Your Results

More than just a scale, get a well-rounded view of your starting point so you know exactly where you need to go!

Scans Sent Directly to Your Phone

You’ll get your report and a 3D scan delivered to your phone within minutes!

See How Your Body Changes Over Time

With body composition values at each circumference measurement, you’ll see your consistent progress with your own eyes.

You need more than a regular scale to show accurate results—body weight only tells one small part of the story. Fit3D has worked with world-leading body composition researchers from LSU, UCSF, and Mount Sinai School of Medicine to produce its body fat algorithm!