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St. Louis Weight Loss Coaching Session

Weight Loss Consultation

Decode Your Weight Loss Challenges with MaxLife’s Exclusive Technology

There is a science behind your weight loss struggles in addition to countless biological factors to consider. Identify what’s limiting your progress with just one 30-minute Health Consultation. During your session, a health coach will work with you to...

1. Determine Your Personal Health & Weight Loss Goals

The question is simple, “What do you want to achieve?”Do you want to lose weight in a rapid, healthy and sustainable way? Understanding your goals will help us create a personalized plan of action.

2. Identify Internal Critical Health Factors Through A Bio-Metric Body Analysis (BBA)

The BBA report will show you how healthy your body is and will uncover the critical health factors affecting your ability to attain optimum health, lose weight and keep it off. Critical health factors include:

  • Visceral Fat Level: We call this the longevity number because it is the amount of fat around your organs. As your visceral fat levels increase, your vital organs become constricted decreasing their ability to function optimally, which tends to reduce longevity in life.
  • Metabolic Age: How efficiently your body burns calories. Increasing efficiency can help you lose weight faster because the foods you eat will be readily used for fuel. If your metabolic age is high you will typically have to workout much harder to achieve any results at all. This usually results in frustration eventually causing you to quit.
  • Body Fat Percentage: The percentage of your body that is fat. Lowering your body fat percentage greatly improves your quality of life and overall longevity. Adults who are 11-22 pounds overweight are 3 times more likely to develop heart disease.1Losing 10 pounds can reduce your risk of type 2 diabetes by 50%.2 
  • Hydration Levels: Proper hydration is very important for normal cellular function. Most people are dehydrated which is typically caused by a mineral and electrolyte imbalance. Without proper hydration, your cells won’t function correctly and this slows your ability to lose weight.
  • Muscle Mass: The amount of muscle you have. This is your internal furnace. The more muscle you have the more calories you will burn on a daily basis. Most people have enough muscle however the thermostat on their furnace is turned down. Our program works to turn this thermostat up so you can burn fat rapidly!

3. Identify the Top 10 Household Toxins Keeping You from Losing Weight

Your house can be one of the most toxic places on the planet. This is due to all of the chemicals found in cleaners, paint, detergent, repellents, varnishes, carpet and furniture off-gassing, cosmetics, etc. Your body will hold onto fat to protect you from these toxins. MaxLife’s exclusive bio-communication technology will generate a report showing you the Top 10 Household Toxins that may be negatively impacting your health consequently preventing you from losing weight.

4. Create a Personal Health Plan

Our experienced health coaches will review your results and let you know whether we can help you or not. If you qualify we will let you know which one of our technology-based programs will work best for your individual needs after which we will go over the program costs and any current offers. We have helped over 7562 people just like you meet their health and weight-loss goals. With our guidance and support you’ll be on your way to rapid fat loss and true wellness for the rest of your life.

For a limited time, this $129 Health Consultation is only $30!

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1. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/7771450
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