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Non-Surgical Cellulite Solution

Cellulite is one of the most common skin conditions, and it is not always determined by weight. Dimpling across the back of thighs or buttocks can create a textured, uneven appearance. This condition makes many people feel self-conscious in clothing and swimsuits. No one wants to feel limited in what they can wear.

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Smoothing cellulite isn’t easy and it can be impossible even with the healthiest diet, exercise, and at-home treatments.

A solution to improve cellulite from within? Cellutone in Overland Park at MaxLife Weight Loss and Body Balancing. Learn how this non-surgical treatment smooths your skin and restores confidence from the inside out.

Treatment Details

Consultation Required?




Sessions Needed: 

4 to 6

Results Duration:

Up to 4 months

What it Treats




Flanks/Love handles

Upper arms

Why Try Cellutone in Overland Park?



Cellutone is a non-invasive, pain-free way to improve cellulite without surgery.

Boosts Confidence

You can feel more confident in your skin with the smoothing, rejuvenating results of Cellutone.

No Downtime

One of the best parts about Cellutone is how easily it fits into your routine.

What to Expect

The Cellutone Process



Before your treatment with Cellutone in Overland Park at MaxLife Weight Loss and Body Balancing, you’ll meet with one of our providers for a consultation. We’ll listen to your concerns and goals for this treatment and make a recommendation for the number of treatments needed for optimal results.


Cellutone Treatment 

We will ensure you are comfortable and relaxed before starting your treatment; there is no anesthetic or pain medication needed! The duration of this treatment depends on the number of areas we treat. Each treatment area takes 5 to 10 minutes. The device uses therapeutic vibrations to stimulate lymphatic drainage and circulation, reducing connective tissue inflammation.


Next Steps

After your treatment, we will schedule any maintenance treatments necessary, and then you’ll be able to go on about your day as usual. Treatment sessions are spaced 5 to 7 days apart and visible results show within a few weeks. We recommend maintenance treatments for long-term results!

Post Treatment

Post-Care Instructions

Following Your Cellutone Treatment in Overland Park, MaxLife Weight Loss and Body Balancing Recommends:


Avoid Blood Thinners

Avoid blood thinning medications for 24 hours after treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Cellutone hurt?

Cellutone is totally non-invasive and does not hurt. This treatment requires no pain medication or anesthetic.

When will I see results?

Many patients see results after just 1 treatment session, but the best Cellutone results possible occur within weeks of completing all your recommended treatment sessions.

How does Cellutone work?

Cellutone at MaxLife Weight Loss and Body Balancing works by using acoustic wave therapy; this technology helps stimulate lymphatic drainage, improve blood flow, and reduce inflammation in the underlying tissues. Our technique leads to smoother, tighter skin and reduced cellulite!

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