Balance 4 Life

Balance 4 Life is a targeted approach to health, all year long. MaxLife uses technology to take the guesswork out of creating health 365 days a year.

How We Help You Get Healthy

At MaxLife we understand that wellness goes far beyond the diet and exercise routine. And we offer more than just motivation.


Schedule an Initial Consult

You’ll meet with a weight loss expert one-on-one to review your health history and goals.

Conduct Testing

You’ll do a Bio-Survey, which determines things like the optimal supplements, dosages and nutrition your body needs.

Get a Specialized Plan

A targeted plan is created based on your body’s unique needs. With our guidance and support you’ll be on your way to fat loss and true wellness for the rest of our life.

Our Programs


Way to go Emily, down 30 pounds in just 30 days WOW!

Here’s what Emily had to say about her MaxLife experience. “So many people, friends, family, and husband have noticed my weight loss. My husband and I have noticed my energy and motivation levels have gone up and I have noticed I am sleeping more peacefully.”

Thank you for choosing MaxLife, we choose YOU and YOUR HEALTH!

Way to go Pam, 25.6 pounds LOST! We are so proud of your great success in such a short amount of time. Your hard work has definitely paid off and we feel blessed that we were able to walk alongside you during it all. Congratulations!

“First and foremost I feel better about me. The questions and compliments have been nice. It confirms all of the hard work that I’ve done through the support of the MaxLife team. I don’t think that I would have ever gotten to where I am without all of these things. I am truly blessed to have this opportunity. Thank you for everything!!”

Congratulations Amy, 26 pounds LOST! You have made amazing progress and we feel lucky that we’ve been able to be a part of it. Your achievements are extremely inspiring. We are so proud of all your hard work and dedication. Good job!!!

“I have noticed a change in energy and body measurements. Family has also noticed a change in the way clothes fit. Overall, I had a great experience and I am happy I have the tools and knowledge to keep up with my success.”

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