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Food allergies and sensitivities can be challenging

Food allergies often appear in childhood but can develop at any time, even into adulthood. Sometimes it’s very obvious when a food causes a reaction, other times symptoms don’t show up for hours, making it difficult to know what’s causing your discomfort.

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If you’re struggling with what appears to be a food-based reaction, food sensitivity testing in Overland Park can help identify what is causing your symptoms. At MaxLife Weight Loss and Body Balancing, we provide hair strand lab testing.

Treatment Details

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What it Identifies

Food intolerances

Dietary sensitivities

Lactose intolerance

Benefits of Food Sensitivity Testing in Overland Park


Identify what’s causing your symptoms

Identifying food sensitivities without professional testing is difficult.

Diagnose possible health concerns

If you’re having symptoms that aren’t caused by food sensitivity, you can seek further medical care.

Prevent allergic reactions

Food sensitivities can worsen over time and catching them early helps prevent the possibility of severe allergic reactions.

What to Expect

Food Sensitivity Testing in Overland Park


Step 1

Before scheduling your food sensitivity test, we’ll schedule a consultation with one of our providers. We’ll ask about your symptoms and dietary habits to determine if it seems like a food-based reaction.


Step 2

Food sensitivity testing is a quick process that uses a strand of hair. The sample extraction is painless and takes only a few seconds. The sample will then be sent to a lab to determine the results.


Step 3

After we’ve determined whether you have food sensitivity, you can work to eliminate the food from your diet. If you need help developing a nutrition plan, our providers can help. If your symptoms are not caused by food sensitivity, we can make further recommendations for the next steps.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does food sensitivity testing do?

It measures your immune system’s response to a variety of foods to determine if your body has an intolerance or allergy.

When will I get results?

Hair strand food sensitivity tests can take about 1 week to get results back from the lab.

Am I a candidate for testing?

Food sensitivity testing in Overland Park is a valuable tool for anyone looking to get answers to their dietary concerns. We don’t provide testing for children under the age of 2 without medical direction.

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